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Ways to can help us climb the mountain

Supporter run events:

Is there an event you would like to see at the hall? Are you able to set it up and run it?

We can help with ticketing and promotion and provide some muscle on the day of the event to help.


Some previous examples include:  

The Sugar Shakers, Combe party and the Ceilidh and we are very grateful for the generosity and energy that individuals have shown in staging these.


Looking ahead, we have already been promised a Fish and Chip supper and Quiz night, another Sugar Shakers evening along with an Elvis impression night in Sept.

Join the committee!
Join the project group

To help manage the building project in any capacity you would be comfortable with.

Fund raising Ideas?

Any experience you can offer?

Be part of an events committee

help run events whilst the committee focuses on fund raising. This is the nicer side of being on the village hall committee where you get to arrange and do all the things we like to do.

Make a donation - buy a tile or lots of tiles!

For those individuals making a large donation, their names will be recorded for prosperity. All individuals will get a certificate.

It is worthwhile noting that a lot of grant bodies always look for community buy in and will typically match fund so the more we can raise locally the better.

If you are able offer up some of your time in any way please fill out the form below.

How you can help?
organise a specific Event
Help run a specific Event
Be part of an events Committee
Be part of a DIY suppor team
Be on the roof project team
Join the committee

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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