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Progress to date:

As at the start of our fiscal year  (July 2023) we had £16,500 in a restricted reserve earmarked for this project (assuming no-one else decides to run in to our front wall)

There have been numerous fundraisers over the last 5+ years to get to the above figure:

Some examples:

  • Pat’s raffles,

  • Open gardens

  • Silent auction (£1,700)

  • Many events at the village hall.

Events for this fiscal year includes the Ceilidh, Combe Party, Estuary band, Sugar Shakers, and Tudor evening. Funds generated per event vary between £200-£900, however this excludes building overheads.

The private hire of the hall does not get close to covering our costs. It requires things like the combe breakfast and other special events to do this. To put this into perspective, it would require another 60-70 Ceilidh’s to reach our goal and this was one of the most successful funding events in recent times.


The events have been wonderful but unfortunately, we are way short of our funding so the committee’s next steps are to explore other funding streams such as:

  • Small- and large-scale donations (e.g. buy/sponsor a tile or rather lots of tiles)

  • Grant application work to both local and national bodies.

  • Sponsored activities.

  • Continuing with the recent trend of non-committee members managing and running events to raise funds for which we are very grateful. 

  • Loans (stop gap only)

In order to do this the committee will need to prioritise fund raising through other means than events.

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