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Current Issues

The roof:

The original tiled roof is now nearly 100 years old. It is basically end of life.  The flat roof above the Whiteaway room was last redone in 2008 and is now starting to blister.

Rain can now penetrate the structure. 

More Specifically 

Every roofer who has re-fixed loosed tiles within the last 10+years have stated that the roof is losing its ability to be patched. Namely:

⦁    Pins rotting, 
⦁    In parts wood support too weak.
⦁    Builders saying, they are likely to cause more damage than they fix each time they go on the roof as the tiles are now very brittle.

Sept '23 during heavy rain

  • Several seals are missing and if not missing, then leaking.

  • Significant lengths of the gutters have become distorted leading to failure at the joints.

  •  All the downpipes were recently found to be blocked. Whilst this has been resolved the number and placement appears to be inadequate.

  • Several connecting “S” bends are poorly supported/connected and prone to disengaging.

  • Significant lengths of the wooden fascia’s are in a poor state. In places it is possible to push in a screw just with finger pressure. This is probably contributing to gutter movement leading to leaks.

The rainwater goods
Roof insulation levels:

The structure and performance of the building would benefit by adding roof insulation to attic area to improve thermal performance.

The sloping part of the ceiling as seen from inside the halls has little if any insulation. 

The Chimneys

Whilst neither of the two chimneys are causing any issues at the moment, when the roof is re-done it would present an opportune moment to have them removed to limit future areas of weakness and assist in a more straightforward roof installation.

The front Chimney

The chimney facing the carpark is quite a feature of the building.

It is currently supporting the soil pipe. If it was removed, the upper soil pipe section would need to be replaced.

The Rear Chimney

This chimney was added later to service the coal fired boiler house and is no longer used.



  • Forced to spend our accumulated roof funds on repeated temporary repairs.

  • Events may need to be cancelled at short notice due to the roof leaks.

  • Any actual water ingress will just cause more problems elsewhere and increase repair costs.

  • Not repairing the guttering will cause long term damage to the fabric of the building.

  • Poor insulation: Will not be able to reduce our ongoing overheads and contribute towards the climate change agenda.

  • Further putting off the inevitable.



Project proposal
  • Replace the existing clay tiles with either like for like or slate. A change to slate would be subject to a formal planning permission application and may not be supported.

  • Removal of the existing chimney stack(S)?

  • Re-felt existing flat roof.

  • Replace all existing lead work with new. (valleys, flashing, perimeter of flat roof)

  • Replace all gutters and downpipes?

  • Significantly enhance the current level of attic insulation.

  • Removal of overhanging branches of sweet chestnut (will be subject to a TPO) to gain access for scaffold/contractors and reduce leaf litter going forward.

  • Replace existing fascia where necessary.

Out of scope
  • Further insulation to walls, floor.

  • Replacement of fossil fuel heating system.

  • Installation of solar panels.  Orientation not great for solar and given our usage of the hall – principally in the evening means we are not able to take advantage of energy generated in the daytime and battery storage would soon be exhausted for things like Combe’ breakfast.

  • Possible car charging facilities. Really more appropriate for the Parish council to pursue in the village carpark perhaps.

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